The Pediatrics page covers a wide range of topics related to the health and well-being of children. We cover from the time a child is brought into this world at birth up to older adolescence. There is no greater time of change in a person’s life than during this period. Let us help you understand what is going on and how to address what may come your way regarding pediatric care.

UAMS Medical Center front entranceLabor & Delivery Tour

This is a virtual tour of UAMS Labor & Delivery. We show how to get to the hospital, a UAMS labor & delivery room, & postpartum room. CLICK HERE to begin.


boy in a headlock


In this module we learn about bullying. We will learn about the signs of bullying, types, reason, & bully prevention. CLICK HERE to begin.


couple riding in van with phrase "car seat safety" "keep your baby safe in a vehicle"

Car Seat Safety

In this module we learn about car seat safety and correctly placing the car seat in your vehicle.  CLICK HERE to begin.


doctor explaining with phrase "childhood immunizations"Childhood Immunizations

In this module we learn about childhood immunizations & the benefits. We look at birth to 6 months, 7-23 months, 2-6 years, & the risks associated with them. CLICK HERE to begin.


group of football players in three point stanceConcussions in Young Athletes

In his module we learn about sports related concussions in young athletes. We will look at concussion assessment, recovery, & complications. CLICK HERE to begin.


stacks of baby diapersDiaper Rash

In this module we learn what to do when your baby has a diaper rash. CLICK HERE to begin.



shaking hands with germs on them


In this course you will learn about the Flu, how it is transmitted, & ways to prevent it. CLICK HERE to begin.



hospital crime scenes with crime scene tape with pharase "GSI: Grime Scene Investigation" "an interactive hand hygiene activity"

Hand Hygiene

In this module we learn about the importance of washing your hands, when to wash your hands, & the correct way to wash your hands. CLICK HERE to begin.


group of kids smilingHealthy Relationships

In this module we learn about relationships. We will learn about healthy vs.  unhealthy relationships & the warning signs of an abusive relationship. CLICK HERE to begin.


people huddled up in a circle looking down at youI Value Myself

In this module we learn ways to value yourself. We will take a self-value evaluation & look at tools you can use to increase your self-value. CLICK HERE to begin.


doctor sitting at a desk Pediatric to Adult care with Sickle Cell Disease

In this module we learn about the transition from pediatric to adult care with Sickle Cell Disease. CLICK HERE to begin.


brick wall with window and baby crib inside with phrase "safe sleep"

Safe Sleep

In this module we learn about safe sleep practices for a newborn baby. We look at crib safety, creating a safe sleep space, & safe sleep practices.  CLICK HERE to begin.


family standing in front of house with phrase "sibling class"Sibling Class

In this module we will teach your children how to be a big brother or big sister. CLICK HERE to begin.


close-up of a mother consoling her crying daughter with phrase "what to do when a baby cries"

When a Baby Cries

In this module we learn about the period of PURPLE crying, what to do when a baby cries, & ways to comfort the baby. CLICK HERE to begin.


nurse explaining with phrase "Breastfeeding 101"Breastfeeding 101

In this module we learn the benefits of breastfeeding, how to breastfeed, & breast anatomy. We look at feeding, a schedule, & frequency. CLICK HERE to begin.