Child & Adolescent Well-being

School Telemedicine in Arkansas (STAR) is the first ever effort to bring telemedicine care to Arkansas’s rural School Based Health Centers (SBHC) by providing real-time on-the-spot care. The following modules are the result of the STAR program’s mission to educate patients on Child and Adolescent Well-being.

If you would like more information, please visit STAR .

boy in a headlockBullying

In this module we learn about bullying. We will learn about the signs of bullying, types, reason, & bully prevention. CLICK HERE to begin.


Fitness 101Fitness 101

In this module we learn about Fitness. We will look at types of physical activity, the physical activity pyramid, and health benefits. CLICK HERE to begin.


group of kids smilingHealthy Relationships

In this module we learn about relationships. We learn about healthy vs. unhealthy relationships & about warning signs of an abusive relationship. CLICK HERE to begin.


people huddled up in a circle looking down at youI Value Myself

In this module we learn ways to value yourself. We will take a self-value evaluation & look at tools you can use to increase your self-value. CLICK HERE to begin.


chalkboard with "stress" on itStress

In this module we learn about stress, the types & symptoms of stress, & ways to combat stress. CLICK HERE to begin.


left wrist wrapped in band-aides with word HELP on it.Suicide & Depression Awareness

In this module we learn about suicide & depression awareness. We will look at the warning signs & ways to treat depression. CLICK HERE to begin.



In this module we learn about the categories of macronutrients and some of the characteristics.  CLICK HERE to begin.



Magnifier highlighting Nutrition Facts of Foods

Understanding a Nutrition Facts Label

In this module we learn what a nutrition label is while covering some of the recent changes made to the new label. CLICK HERE to begin.



three peas on plate ready to be eaten malnutritionWhat is an eating disorder

In this module we define an eating disorder, list the different types, and identify some of the characteristics and common signs.  CLICK HERE to begin.