L.I.F.T – How to L.I.F.T Your Spirits During COVID-19 and Other Hard Times

This module helps adults and teens recognize ways the pandemic might be impacting their emotional wellness and offers practical tips to address those challenges.

This project was funded under cooperative agreement number UG4LM012345 with the University of North Texas Health Science Center – Gibson D. Lewis Library and awarded by the DHHS, NIH, National Library of Medicine.

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M.O.V.E Toward Emotional Wellness

How to M.O.V.E. Toward Emotional Wellness
In this module, learn how your emotional wellness is connected to your overall wellness and some actions you can take every day to be your best.

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¡Cómo dar un P.A.S.O. hacia el Bienestar Emocional!

En este módulo, usted aprenderá cómo su bienestar emocional está conectado con su bienestar en general y algunas acciones que puede tomar cada día para sentirse lo mejor posible.

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